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Altran using Visual Recruiting

Altran Launches Global Recruiting Campaign Using Augmented Reality

by HTN Newson June 25, 2014
Altran Group, a global maker of Aeronautics, Space, and Defense products and services, as well as a heavy investor in the government contracting sector announced that it will be launching a globally organized recruiting campaign to attract top talent using an augmented (virtual) reality campaign. Altran plans on targeting those who work in technical disciplines, […]
social security administration same sex benefits

Social Security Administration Releases New Rules Governing Same Sex Couples’ Benefits

by HTN Newson June 24, 2014
The Social Security Administration has issues new rules to to govern received retirement and survivor benefits for same same sex couples across the united states. The new instructions allow for recognition of some non-marital, but legal relationships as marriages in order to determine eligibility for issue of appropriate benefits. the rules would also provide a framework […]
Human-Resources-Certification-Institute---HRCI fight over certification

SHRM Plans to Launch New Certification, Snubs HRCI

by HTN Newson June 23, 2014
In a move that has puzzled some, and suprized many, SHRM, the society for Human Resource management –  a body that represents the HR profession in the United States has announced that it will be launching a new certification, which will not be associated with what many see as it’s sister organization, HRCI. Executives at […]


QPID Receives Top Innovation Award for EHRS

by HTN Newson December 20, 2013
QPID Inc., A Boston-based software provider of clinical insights solutions that was developed at the Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston to make it easier for clinicians to extract, analyze, and store patient information, has received the Fierce Innovation Award for its flagship software QPID Clinical Intelligence. The healthcare innovation award is a unique CIO-reviewed awards […]
Career Step

Career Step to Donate to National Military Family Association

by HTN Newson December 20, 2013
Career Step, an online school offering career-focused education and corporate training, and a partner for over 150 colleges and universities nationwide, will donate over $5500 to the National Military Family Association (NMFA) in celebration of the national military family appreciation month. The donation which began in November through activating Career Step’s referral program will be made […]
Workers Compensation Research Institute (WCRI)

Michigan’s Workers’ Compensation Costs Lower

by HTN Newson December 18, 2013
In a new study conducted by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute (WCRI) the researchers found that the total costs for a workers compensation claim in Michigan or low compared with other states prior to the 2011 legislative changes that took place in that state. the study conducted by the WCRI covers the time period prior […]

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