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Altran Launches Global Recruiting Campaign Using Augmented Reality

Altran Launches Global Recruiting Campaign Using Augmented Reality

by Joseph ShaheenJune 25, 2014

Altran Group, a global maker of Aeronautics, Space, and Defense products and services, as well as a heavy investor in the government contracting sector announced that it will be launching a globally organized recruiting campaign to attract top talent using an augmented (virtual) reality campaign.

Altran plans on targeting those who work in technical disciplines, such as engineering, and Information Technology, by wooing them with a series of advanced videos that show internal technical capabilities. In an online video on Youtube, viewers can watch as a 3-d graphic as it changes into different shapes, giving the illusion that it is virtually real. No comment was made on whether the product was internally developed by Altran researchers, or by an external entity.

Altran states that “helping companies carry out major innovation projects means finding professionals with new and rare profiles and recruiting top talent ready to take part in the unique adventure of turning their ideas into innovations.” This follows a recent trend by a number of transnational corporations that have linked recruitment practices, and talent strategy directly with the potential to innovate contrasting the early years of recruiting for job fit.

Julien Esposito, Altran’s head of employer branding added that “with innovation as its main theme, [our] first global recruitment campaign goes well beyond borders, by targeting applicants worldwide! We are looking to hire 4,000 Innovation Makers who are prepared to turn their ideas into innovations for our clients. To further this process, Altran is calling on the latest communication technologies, such as augmented reality.

Recently, other companies have made changed to the way talent is acquired. Deloitte & Touche’s China business group rebuilt is career page, as a virtual meet and greet, where Chinese applicants can go through a typical office walkthru, meeting virtual employees (based on real employees), and engaging in limited interactions with the career page. In the highly competitive Chinese talent market, any advantage in attracting young, educated professionals can yield substantial results.

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