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BetterWorks Introduces Contextual Organization Charts and Work Profile™

BetterWorks Introduces Contextual Organization Charts and Work Profile™

by Joseph ShaheenDecember 17, 2014

BetterWorks, a company that provides softwater and service solutions for enterprise performance management, will be releasing tomorrow new Contextual Org Chart and Work Profile™ features that aim to change the way goal progress and achievement are tracked and reported in the workplace. Betterworks claims that for the first time, employees can be properly credited for their work, share it with others and interact based on goal progress and achievement.

Following the announcement of a $15.5 million Series A round of funding in September, BetterWorks is gaining momentum as the demand for new ways to drive operational excellence continues to rise. Adoption and engagement has accelerated as well with users creating 15,000 goals in the third quarter of 2014 alone – a new one created every 9 minutes.

Through the new Contextual Org Chart and Work Profiles, BetterWorks users and managers can add a layer of transparency while pushing company objectives forward. Work Profiles give BetterWorks users a space to share their top 3-5 goals and current progress, as well as access to lifetime activity and an accomplishment timeline for colleagues. Contextual Org Charts enable managers and employees to visualize current goals and progress by team or department, aligning daily tasks with company progress.

“In today’s workplace, driving actions and change demands more than a traditional chain of command approach,” said Kris Duggan, CEO and co-founder of BetterWorks. “We’ve introduced the Work Profile and Contextual Org Chart features to provide the transparency it takes for an enterprise to see real progression towards goals.”

“We experimented with a number of productivity tools before deciding on BetterWorks,” said Ali Byrd, CFO of Movable Ink, a New York City-based start up, and leader in contextual email technology for marketers. “We have a high performance culture at Movable Ink, and it’s important for our team to hold one another accountable for completing tasks, and moreover, to align those tasks with bigger picture company goals. The new BetterWorks Org Chart and Work Profiles will help sync our everyday tasks with long-term progress, and keep everyone engaged in their work.”

BetterWorks is also announcing updated admin management and reporting functionality, including the ability to customize goal and milestone settings throughout the platform. Existing BetterWorks customers will gain access to full reporting functionality on users, goals and activities across the company. The goal and milestone customization enables smoother onboarding with custom naming that reflects the company’s top priorities and existing internal nomenclature.

Inspired by the OKR model (Objectives and Key Results) made popular by John Doerr at Google and rooted deeply in the latest Goal Science™ thinking, the BetterWorks enterprise goals platform fosters openness, aspirational goal setting, engagement and alignment. In recent months, BetterWorks signed on some of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley as well as traditional Fortune 1000 businesses throughout the country, including Bluenose Analytics, Edmunds, Lookout, Lumeris, UpWind Solutions and the US Department of Health and Human Services.

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