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Bureau of Labor Statistics says there are signs of a better economy

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported on Friday that Jobless rates were up in 18 states, down in 17 for the month of August while payroll jobs were up in 29 US states and down in 20 of them. This comes after President Obama recently gave a speech outlining the progress made by both the private and public sectors in generating economic growth and creating 7.5 million new jobs. Over all the new BLS report shows signs of an improving economy, but analysts are still cautious about the road ahead.

Recent polls suggest that proportion of Americans believing that the country is on the right track has been steadily increasing. The states where the largest number of new jobs were created were New York, with 30,400 new jobs, and California with 29,100 new jobs created. The biggest losers included Georgia and Arizona.

For a copy of the full report please see the press release.

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