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Department of Labor Launches Book Project to Commemorate Centennial

Department of Labor Launches Book Project to Commemorate Centennial

by Joseph ShaheenNovember 26, 2013

To celebrate its 100 year anniversary the department of labor is launching an online book club project which includes books to describe and celebrate work in America.

the book list includes books chosen by 24 people including current secretary of labor, Tom Perez, eight former secretaries of labor, and other staff members, and includes books such as Sonia Sotomayor’s “My Beloved World”, and Ben Franklin’s “Poor Richard’s Improved”. The goal of the project is to engage the public about the department’s work and mission, and to highlight America’s history of labor through the years.

The DOL has requested that the general public contribute to the list, and a process, including a simple form has been designated on its website including an explanatory video posted by Carl Fillichio, senior advisor for communications at the Department of Labor.

The idea came as the Library of Congress began compiling and releasing a list of books that “Shaped America” in June of 2012. The DOL then began to create a similar works that focused on labor and work in America in conjunction with the Library of Congress’ Center for the Book.

To make book suggestions please visit the DOL book section.

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