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Employment Screenings Up : Corra Group Adds Staff in Preparation for Q3 Surge

Employment Screenings Up : Corra Group Adds Staff in Preparation for Q3 Surge

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 13, 2014

Corra Group, the California-based background check service will be adding additional staff in anticipation of an increase in deman for employment screenings. This comes as disparate announcements of job growth throughout the United States is taking place. Corra Group, like some of its peers, is preparing for a robust fall season as HR managers return from vacation, and employers in general add to the impressive job growth statistics of the past two months.

“We can gauge from our clients in what industry sectors we see appreciable job growth,” said Nick Gustavson, Corra Group Co-Founder. We see expanding employment in healthcare and in the energy industry as the country seeks to become energy independent. We also see hiring in the financial industry, in private equity and venture capital groups. Investors can’t just sit on their money and collect little or no interest. So, some are taking advantage of the economic recovery and buying companies or engaging in mergers and acquisitions.” Gustavson noted Corra Group conducts a broad variety of background checks. He pointed out that the company is always sourcing new researchers to meet the need in relation to the increase of international hires.

“We conduct international criminal searches in just about every country,” said Gustavson. “We also conduct international education verification and international employment verification searches. We have been expanding our capability to conduct international civil and financial services in a great deal of countries. As each industrial sector becomes more demanding, we are constantly sourcing products for the global market. International background searches are a major necessity.”

Additionally, Gustavson attributed the great demand for healthcare related employment screening to both an aging population and the dramatic changes involved with healthcare reform. “More people are getting healthcare insurance, and that means more people are able to visit their doctors and nurse practitioners,” he said.

“Simply put, there are not enough healthcare workers to go around. Everything from hospitals and major healthcare centers are ramping up, as are the smaller medical practices. This is keeping staffing and recruiting people in the healthcare industry pretty busy. Corra Group helps them with their recruiting needs by offering healthcare screening packages.

“The same holds true with the energy industry,” said Gustavson. “Our trucking clients are complaining there are not enough experienced drivers to go around. And then there is the matter of those working in the fields, as well as the workers who manufacture the equipment used for retrieving natural gas and oil.”

“This fall season should be a busy time for us,” said Gustavson.

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