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Fraud Alert: Paychex Customers Receiving Fraudulent Emails

Fraud Alert: Paychex Customers Receiving Fraudulent Emails

by Joseph ShaheenNovember 27, 2013

Paychex Inc., a leading payroll and HR outsourcing company has released a new security alert warning its customers about fraudulent e-mail scams that are currently being sent to their customers and even some non-customers.

The Phishing e-mails which are titled “ACH Dept. Notification: ACH Process End of Day Report” and “Paychex Insurance Agency” appear to have originated from Paychex e-mail addresses.

The files includes attachments (likely zip files) which may compromise a customer’s computer and cause damage. The e-mail has been sent at varying dates and time so it is advised customers pay special attention to any e-mail that appears to be sent by Paychex (

The company recommends that “If you receive a copy of the fraudulent email, delete it immediately and do not engage in correspondence with the sender.” Paychex also recommends that if you receive an e-mail from Paychex which may seem suspicious that you contact them directly.

Paychex has received many awards for its work and due diligence including being names one of the top 125 training organizations, Computerworld’s 100 Best Places to Work in IT, and Best Employers for Healthy Lifestyle.


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