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HireVue and PeopleMatter Announce Partnership

HireVue and PeopleMatter Announce Partnership

by Joseph ShaheenDecember 18, 2013

HireVue, a provider of on-demand video interviews that allows hiring managers to browse, watch, rates, and share interviews with fellow colleagues, and PeopleMatter, a provider of an integrated human resources management solution designed to support hourly employees mainly in the service industry announced a partnership that would allow them to integrate both technologies into a single system for employers seeking an efficient recruitment process.

“PeopleMatter partners with industry leaders that develop innovative technologies to improve the employee-employer relationship,” said Nate DaPore, President and CEO of PeopleMatter.  the move is designed to help the alignment of both software technologies in order to enhance the PeopleMatter platform which will result in simplify the candidate review process, making it easier to select the best-fit job candidates, explains Dapore.

The PeopleMatter platform helps employers create pre-employment assessments in order to screen applicants for skills and traits specific to the job.HireVue’s platform then allows the applicant to record a video or voice message for the hiring manager equivalent to a cover letter. Both platforms work sequentially and together to create a faster and more efficient digital hiring process.

The partnership symbolizes much of the consolidation occurring in the human resource information system and the applicant tracking systems industries today. Recently, the HR technology market has undergone a massive consolidation bringing in high-tech companies such as IBM, and Oracle, with the acquisition of BrassRing, and Taleo respectively.

Therefore small and medium-size businesses in this highly competitive market are more prone to strategic alliances and technology partnerships and integration. this is especially the case in the on demand and digital interviewing and screening process, as larger human resource information system providers seek to provide their customers with a diverse myriad of tools to supplement and enhance existing technologies thereby lowering costs for employers, and hastening the hiring process.

“HireVue’s talent interaction provides greater insight than previously available, and when combined with PeopleMatter, both managers and candidates win,” says Chip Luman, COO of HireVue.

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