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HR-XML Constortium: Salary Data Will Utilize XML to Communicate Worker’s Salary Information

HR-XML Constortium: Salary Data Will Utilize XML to Communicate Worker’s Salary Information

by Joseph ShaheenDecember 17, 2013

The HR – XML Consortium, a nonprofit, volunteer-led organization dedicated to the development and promotion of a standard suite of XML specifications to enable electronic business and the automation of human resources related data exchanges, has announced progress in the development of XML specification standards that will enable the easy and efficient sharing of salary information across the HR industry and for employers in general.

The consortium is made up of a number of leading HR vendors such as ADP, Oracle, PayScale, Towers Watson, and the National Association of State Workforce A
Agencies (NASWA).

Development of new standards for efficiently and securely communicating HR data including salary information should help employers and service providers streamline hiring processes,, reference checking, and most importantly it will allow them to better benchmark compensation levels which is essential for an efficient workforce. Eventually, the data protocols can be used to communicate performance levels off individual employees between companies, rather than go through the cumbersome reference checking process currently in place throughout the world.

Potentially the XML standards could be used to provide a greater opportunity for collaboration between individual employers and the development of industry-wide talent pools and exchanges.

The HR – XML Consortium made no announcements on whether the system will be developed in conjunction with leading HR organizations, such as the Society for human resource management or that feedback is being solicited from the general public, or from experts and leaders in the human resource industry.

The consortium is currently offering training and advice on how to increase inter-operability of HR information and has already developed standards for recruiting, assessment, and screening purposes. ultimately, the group’s ultimate goal is to provide more data and faster access to that data in hopes of improving labor market analysis and executive level decision-making regarding corporate human capital, recruitment and selection, and employee management.


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