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HR & Payroll Automation is Here With a New App

HR & Payroll Automation is Here With a New App

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 20, 2014

Smartphone and smartpad capabilities are always advancing and in recent years their expansion has sophistication has grown in scope and speed. This change has provided small business owners with with new options on how to better manage their employees and their operations. The Piilo HR Pocket App allows business owners and managers to manage their employee administration such as time, leave, data, performance and payroll using only their mobile devices and it makes the process of time-keeping as well as other administrative functions fairly easy.

If access is allocated, employees are able to use their smart phones to submit time and leave requests while getting access to electronic payslips. Users can view balances, notifications and co-worker data as an employee search facility. “We see the release of the Piilo HR Pocket App as a key step in enabling small businesses to automate at a fraction of the cost through mobility while providing 24×7 access,” says Phil Lötter, CEO of Piilo.

With the Piilo HR Pocket App, small businesses have the power to manage their employees via mobile devices across geographical areas. As with cloud computing, mobility doesn’t require any technical or physical infrastructure. The Piilo HR Pocket App is based on Windows Azure to back up data and ensure it’s available through the cloud. The App also allows users to work on and off line with data sync capabilities.

The convergence of personal and business technology is driving mobility in Human Resources, as employees can now use their own devices to access and input business data. For business this means lower cost as BOYD (bring your own device) reduces the need for capital investment to purchase equipment for employees. “It makes sense to go mobile for transactional HR activities as mobility enables employees to provide information any place and time with the ability of the manager to receive requests in real-time for approval,” Lötter remarked. The App also allows business owners or managers to create and submit payslips via their smart phones. Payslips can be viewed, downloaded, emailed or printed via smart phone capabilities.

Mobility and cloud computing are also making user interfaces easier and more intuitive. Piilo HR Pocket App users can use the app immediately without the need for any training due to its simplicity. Improved user experiences drives higher utilization of software, which translates into higher ROI for business.

The Piilo HR Pocket App is part of Piilo’s strategy to simplify Human Resources for business. Piilo is currently driving more simplistic and easy to use solutions for small business while providing more integrated and comprehensive solutions for enterprises. “We are launching an exciting solution soon called, the Piilo Career Book, that will allow business to maximize their current investments in traditional ERP systems in combination with social media and cloud innovation, ” says Lötter.

The App is released for Windows Phone first and available in English with French, Spanish and Arabic following. Other operating systems, such as Android and iOS will be available soon.


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