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HRMS Comparison Solution Reports Announced, Industry Growing

HRMS Comparison Solution Reports Announced, Industry Growing

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 13, 2014

HRMS Solutions, Inc. (HRMS) announces the 5th release of our HRIS and Payroll Software Vendor Comparison Report, HRIS Planning Guide and Payroll Planning Guide. Comparison guides are now a normal trends in a busy and growing space which provides enterprise value in the form of a better HR software shopping experience.

In the case of this Washignton, DC consultancy, the detailed reports are designed for HR, Payroll and IT professionals who are looking for a reliable source to assist with the vetting of HRIS vendors and their solutions. The company claims that their reports are constantly maintained, and recently updated, by a team of experienced sales professionals and implementation consultants.

“The need for trustworthy assistance with evaluating HRIS, payroll and talent management providers never ceases. In fact the demand has steadily increased. I believe this is a direct result of the barrage of marketing information forced upon and readily available to the consumer through both traditional and social media outlets. Throw in the mixed bag of HR system-related terminology (HRIS, HRMS, HCM, Saas, PaaS, etc.), I like to call ‘acronym soup’, and people are more confused than ever and looking for a dependable source to help them digest all this information”, says Mike Maiorino, CEO of HRMS.

“Our HRIS and Payroll Planning Guides and Vendor Comparison Report offer consumers a wealth of valuable insight into the human resource and payroll software industry. And, when combined with the expertise and unbiased guidance of the HRMS Solutions team of seasoned professionals, I believe we are creating a more knowledgeable and educated buyer and offering a much better buying experience for our clients.”

The HRIS and Payroll Planning Guides outline industry best practices as well as a structured process for properly evaluating HRIS/HRMS system functionality, and understanding Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) with both on-premise and cloud-based solutions. The planning guides provide suggestions on successfully justifying these investments to the executive suite through demonstrating ROI (Return on Investment) as well as helpful tips on which common project pitfalls to avoid.

The HRIS Vendor Comparison Report is a comprehensive assessment of several leading vendors which promote solutions geared to small and mid-sized businesses with up to 5,000 employees. The report examines specific functional criteria including areas like candidate self-service, recruiting, on-boarding, benefit administration, compensation planning, performance management, employee and manager self-service, training and employee career development, succession planning, reporting and analytics, global capabilities and deployment models.

“According to CedarCrestone, 45% of organizations plan to move their HRMS to the cloud, but even as HRIS systems trend towards SaaS deployments, licensed on-premise solutions still lead the marketplace with regards to deployment models” commented Sandi Krason, HCM Sales Engineer/Solutions Consultant with HRMS. “This statistic is just one example of why truly understanding the vendor landscape and their product offerings is so vital to successfully acquiring and implementing HRIS Software today. As long as the HRIS vendor landscape and human capital management (HCM) ecosystem continues to evolve, we will continue to update and release revised editions of both our planning guides and vendor comparison report in an effort to educate buyers about HR, payroll and talent management technology so they can make informed decisions about the solution that is right for their organization.”

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