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Human Talent Network Seeking Professional Contributions

Contributions Welcome!

The Human Talent Network, one of the Internet’s leading HR content portals is seeking professional and guest contributions from industry and academic leaders throughout the globe. HTN focuses on delivering content related to the efficient and strategic management of human talent and human resources. As part of its vision, the human talent network seeks to be a hub for both academics and practitioners to gather and discuss ideas, technologies, and new concepts.

Contributors will have their content publicized by the editorial team at the Human Talent Network to one of the fastest-growing talent communities on the Internet today.

We are seeking content that aims to share innovative ideas, new technologies, corporate press releases, new studies, and information corporate workforce decision-making.

All articles should be submitted to [email protected] and will be evaluated for production on three central themes.

For a full explanation of our auithorship rules, please visit our editorial guidelines.


Articles that seek to inspire do not necessarily have to carry a lot of proven data. They are written simply to inspire others into a new concept or behavior and promote a discussion of challenges that both academics and practitioners face today in the people management fields.


Articles that hope to engage and to provoke thought fall under the “Think” category. They take existing concepts and information, and try to provide a unique and interesting analysis to help our readers and commentators discuss issues that will yield value to their operations.


The third category falls under the “apply” category. These articles hope to provide methods or processes to help the readers apply existing body of knowledge to specific or general challenging situations.

If you would like to become a contributor to the Human Talent Network please email your story to [email protected] or fill out our contact form located here

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Joseph Shaheen
Editor-in-Chief of the Human Talent Network. Email me news, tips, and questions to [email protected] blog at, write news and editorials all over the web.HTN is always looking for contributors and talented writers. Reach out to me using the contact form or start your application process right away at

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