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IBM Launches New Talent Assessment Analytics

IBM Launches New Talent Assessment Analytics

by Joseph ShaheenNovember 20, 2013

Early last week IBM released a new online platform that will promote next-generation workforce development among college and university students and will “aim to help narrow Big Data and Analytics skills gap” according to its press release.

The platform will help students gauge their own skills and readiness for Big Data and analytics careers and receive help and guidance on how to further develop their skills in these fields. The new release comes at the head of an initiative brought forward by the Obama Administration to promote the usage of Big Data and quantitative measurement to solve economic, health, and educational challenges.

The platform is currently being piloted in only 8 universities and colleges, includes online tests for students, and feedback reporting for students partaking in the initiative. The list includes George Washington University, UMASS Boston, Northwestern, MIT, and the University of Virginia.

To create the platform IBM partnered with some of its high-end clients such Boeing and Nationwide Insurance to develop a platform that would eventually meet their workforce, recruitment and hiring needs.

IBM believed that Big Data will play a powerful role in future labor markets: “Information is a powerful natural resource that will play an essential role in defining and creating the jobs of the future,” says Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President of IBM Software Solutions Group.

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