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Infographic: The Science of Increasing Your Productivity

All in a Day’s Work: The Science of increasing your productivity in and out of the office

Whether your job an 8 hour shift, on-call, or a stay at home parent, millions of Americans are pushing their limits to get the most out of a day’s work. Salesforce Canada has created an infographic entitled “All in a Day’s Work: Increase Productivity In and Out of the Office”, giving you tips to making the most out of each day.

While your day may only officially begin once you clock in, getting a planned and organized start to your day can help you stay focused and tasks under control. While caffeine can help you get a quick boost, prioritizing and taking short breaks may be the key to unlocking your productivity potential.

With suggestions for winding down after a rough day, to getting a good night’s sleep, this infographic gives you the info you need in order to streamline your day.

Infographic: The Science of Increasing Your Productivity

Infographic: The Science of Increasing Your Productivity


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