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iqDynamics Launches HRiQ Talent, a New Suite of Talent Management Software

iqDynamics Launches HRiQ Talent, a New Suite of Talent Management Software

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 12, 2014

iqDynamics, a company that specializes in providing enterprise business applications to mid- and large-sized businesses using state-of-the-art technology, recently announced the launch of its new recruitment and talent management software, HRiQ Talent. The company’s latest addition to its service portfolio allows users to manage the hiring and internal HR processes.

According to the iqDynamics’ main web page, HRiQ Talent is a new set of modules that can help organizations manage their talent pool. In this way, organizations do not need to resort to expensive solutions to cultivate a high preforming workforce. HRiQ is intuitive, powerful, and intelligent. Besides empowering HR teams to build organic talent bench strength by driving higher employee performance at every touch point, the human resource management system also integrates seamlessly with the high-value and fully functional HRiQ Talent management suite to enable end-to-end talent management while proactively anticipating and filling skills gaps.

HRiQ Talent is a useful tool because it allows HR managers to know about every employee in their organizations. The program stores on-boarding data, helps managers tie up bonus payouts with appraisal results, and helps HR directors learn and develop needs and succession plans. Overall, HRiQ Talent is a program that focuses on bringing immediate results to the user by allowing them to analyze results and collaborate effectively.

“When properly and effectively channeled, your workforce and effectual human capital management becomes the most important driving factors in your business growth,” noted a post on the company’s website. The article also went on to explain that talent management is important because it helps to anticipate the need for human capital and assists with formulating HR plans that recruit, develop, reward, and retain the workforce.

“With business results at stake, your human resource department needs a sustainable workforce management and talent management solution. HRiQ Talent provides these strategic human resource management (HRM) solutions with complete organizational visibility to bring your entire talent management plan together.”

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