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IT Staffing Company to Offer Targeted Training for High Demand Local Skill Sets

IT Staffing Company to Offer Targeted Training for High Demand Local Skill Sets

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 21, 2014

MDI Group, a national IT staffing and recruiting services provider, has announced that it will be offering a new training program targeted towards Java development in the Atlanta, GA labor market. The program is named FastTrack’D, and the company claims to be the first to deploy a program of this kind in the region. the program is designed to help increase the supply of in demand skill-sets currently lacking in the local market.

“Java has been a top programming language for years, but for every 10 Java development jobs available, there is currently only one person qualified to fill the position,” said Richey Brownfield, CEO for MDI Group. “There is a clear need for this skillset as companies are often forced to go offshore to recruit Java developers. This program is the first of its kind in Georgia, and the program guarantees job placement for IT professionals who complete the 6-8 week training.”

Java is the most widely used platform for mobile devices, and the average salary for Java developers in Atlanta are 6% higher than average software developer salaries, and 28% higher than average (general) technology professional salaries.* The FastTrack’D training program offered through MDI Group was specifically designed to meet staffing requests from local companies for mobility-related skillsets. Due to the short supply of onshore Java developers and the need for mobile technology, FastTrack’D graduates will be in demand nationwide.

“This program is not only beneficial for local companies, but will also help raise Atlanta’s profile as a source for IT talent,” said John Hurst, managing director of MDI Group’s Atlanta office. “By training a workforce designed to meet the need for Java developers nationwide, employers around the country will look to Atlanta for qualified IT professionals.”

Experienced IT professionals must apply and pass a series of screening tests in order to enroll in the FastTrack’D program, and only about 1 in 15 applicants qualify. FastTrack’D utilizes assessment and placement strategies that ensure an overall fit for companies seeking talent. The screening process used to assess applicants for the FastTrack’D class consists of a hard and soft skill assessment, including software that monitors facial expressions and generates data about the applicants’ attitude while completing a task.

“MDI Group is taking a thoughtful and deliberate approach to cultivating mobility-related skills locally,” said Hurst. “As a result, we are producing valuable results and furthering the goals of IT professionals seeking great employment opportunities, clients seeking talent and a city working to generate a robust workforce.”

MDI Group is the exclusive provider of FastTrack’D program graduates throughout the state of Georgia as part of its partnership with Cook Systems, which developed the training. MDI Group is currently hosting the inaugural FastTrack’D training class in Georgia at its national headquarters in Technology Park located in Norcross, GA.

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