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Job Seekers: Job Growth On the Rise in Florida

Job Seekers: Job Growth On the Rise in Florida

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 13, 2014

Current employment statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics show that Florida added 37,400 jobs in June 2014. The Tampa Bay Times is reporting that June’s job creation represents the single strongest month for job growth in four years, and has served to help lower the state’s unemployment rate down to 6.2%. These statistics and more information can be found here by Expert Business & Professional Services, a contributor to this article:

This positive growth is a result of a resurgence that is also felt in population growth occurring in the state, and the rise in demand for professional, business, and retail services, as well as housing. The demand for housing has led to an upswing in the construction sector as well. Things are looking up for Florida all around in this economic recovery, not discounting that the state still has a long way to go. This is also encouraging news for the Florida job seeker, as jobs are on the rise in sectors that include government, and almost every other industry, such as information, health, technology, and manufacturing. However, it is necessary to point out that the average Florida wage shows little upward movement, maintaining an average that is still below the national numbers. This means that the Florida job seeker must still fight the good fight in order to outshine the competition when pursuing a top tier position that comes with a generous compensation package.

Utilizing professional services that can effectively market the skills and qualifications of the job seeker will provide an edge over other candidates.

Companies such as Expert Business & Professional Services in Fort Lauderdale work with the job seekers throughout their job search, with resume preparation serving only as the starting point. A powerful and attention grabbing resume is crucial however.

Expert Business & Professional Services is one company that offers writers who seem to be proficient in direct marketing, personal branding, communications, advertising and human resources – the perfect formula to create an extraordinary first impression.

Generally, companies specializing in this area know what employers is looking for, and what it will take to send a resume to the top of the pile for consideration.  in traditional terms, these companies are knowni as outplacement services, and sometimes known as PEOs. In addition, outplacement services sometimes offer a complete satisfaction guarantee – something to look for when searching for this type of service, as it minimizes the risk to the job seeker, whose funds may be limited prior to securing employment. The point is always judge accoringly, and don’t pay a fee without knowing exactly what you are going to get. Preferably, ensure that its in an iron clad contract.

Another useful tool for the job seeker to take advantage of is a local job fair taking place. The Fort Lauderdale Career Fair takes place multiple times throughout the year, with the next one happening on September 15, 2014, at the Sheraton Fort Lauderdale Airport Hotel.

With the Sunshine State on the upswing, job seekers may have an easier time of landing employment, but many can still benefit from the support and invaluable tools that can be gained from companies that are designed to assist job seekers in their hunt by delivering a powerful resume, personal marketing of one’s professional assets, and coaching on interview techniques and etiquette.

If you are a job seeker in Fort Lauderdale now is the time to hunt aggressively.

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