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PeopleMatter to Partner with NCR

PeopleMatter to Partner with NCR

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 20, 2014

PeopleMatter, an HR Software company and NCR a provider of mobile selling software for retail and restaurant have announced a partnership in which PeopleMatter’s platform would integrate into NCR’s back office systems.

NCR’s Aloha POS and Back Office technology and the PeopleMatter Platform™ will be integrated to send employee data, real-time and bi-directionally, between the PeopleMatter Platform and NCR systems. NCR, the global leader in consumer transaction technologies, and PeopleMatter, the largest provider of workforce management technology specifically designed for service-industry leaders, did so in order to help restaurants improve efficiencies and streamline operations.

“At NCR, we are constantly innovating to help restaurant owners manage their businesses efficiently and increase sales,” said Jon Lawrence, Director of Product Marketing for NCR. “With the integration our POS and Back Office technology with PeopleMatter’s Platform, our restaurant customers can effortlessly hire a new employee and transfer the employee data to the NCR system so the employee can immediately clock in and get working in the POS system. It’s a huge time and administrative savings.”

Using APIs, the PeopleMatter Platform will send employee data real-time, including biographical data, pay rate changes, job position changes, employment termination, location transfers and job status changes, to NCR’s technology. The data transfer will happen seamlessly, without the time-consuming and potentially error-prone need to double key data into each system. Restaurant owners will be able to quickly hire, onboard and get their new employees on the floor.

“This integration is critical to the efficient operations of our joint customers,” said Nate DaPore, President and CEO for PeopleMatter. “Our relationship is designed to remove a huge administrative burden that restaurant managers deal with constantly. Soon, they will have a system of record that is always up-to-date, improving overall operations.”

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