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Talent Rover Integrates Google Chrome Plugin Ebsta

Talent Rover Integrates Google Chrome Plugin Ebsta

by Joseph ShaheenAugust 18, 2014

Talent Rover, provider of cloud-based software built for managing the entire staffing and recruitment workflow, announced a new integration with Ebsta, a Google Chrome plugin that automates the the addition, cross-reference, and parsing of relevant online information for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) needs.

Ebsta will help Talent Rover users rapidly build and maintain a database of clients and candidates without interrupting their workflow or requiring them to manually enter contact information.

The leading Chrome plugin for managing Salesforce records and capturing new records on the fly, Ebsta is used by more than 2,000 companies to increase CRM adoption, save time and improve the quality of data. In the staffing and recruitment industry, Ebsta’s ability to rapidly crosscheck, update and add records from Chrome helps firms capture job leads, reach candidates and make placements ahead of their competitors.

The custom Ebsta for Talent Rover integration will allow users to combine the full functionality of both products. When Talent Rover users are browsing popular job boards and social networks, Ebsta will inform users if a job lead or candidate already exists in their Talent Rover database and instantly pull up the record. Users can edit existing records, add new records, manage tasks, record activities and communicate over Chatter—all without leaving their current web page.

Talent Rover users can also import new records into their database with just two clicks. Ebsta will automatically pull contact information from job boards and social networks and then load the information into Talent Rover. Thus, Ebsta saves salespeople and recruiters from having to constantly switch between web browser tabs.

“We’re pleased to help Talent Rover users fully utilize all the data they capture and build out their records with speed, efficiency and collaboration,” said Guy Rubin, CEO at Ebsta. “More than 10,000 recruiters use Ebsta every day, and we are excited to welcome Talent Rover’s global customers.”

Ebsta is integrated with more than 50 popular websites including LinkedIn, Twitter, Monster, CareerBuilder, Zoom Info, ZipRecruiter, TalentBin and many others. Talent Rover users can now download, install and connect Ebsta to their Talent Rover account in seconds.

“In staffing and recruitment, a high volume of quality job leads and candidates can give firms a competitive advantage, but finding, adding or updating this data is a major pain point,” said Brandon Metcalf, Talent Rover’s COO. “We integrated with Ebsta because they truly offer the best solution on the market for making this process fast and painless. This partnership aligns with our global growth strategy and commitment to providing customers with the best technology available.”

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