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U.S. Economy Shows Stability Through Low Unemployment in Finance and Insurance

U.S. Economy Shows Stability Through Low Unemployment in Finance and Insurance

by Joseph ShaheenOctober 2, 2014

According to recent data provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and new analysis by Granted Inc. , the U.S. financial and insurance industry experienced a significant low unemployment rate of 3.8% in November. The U.S. financial market, according to the BLS, includes firms involved in money transactions, like banks, investment firms, and pension programs. The market has seen a considerable fall in the unemployment rate since January 2009, when it was 7.1%.

In addition, displaying an upswing in the U.S. job market, the BLS report shows a decline in the number of unemployed persons, at 10.9 million, and the unemployment rate, at 7.0 percent, during the month of November. Furthermore, a decrease in layoffs by 377,000 and less-than-expected number of new claims for jobless benefits clearly indicates that the U.S. economy gained a good momentum although it faced October’s government shutdown that wobbled confidence among customers and business owners.

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