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WANTED Launches the Analytics Connector for Recruiters

WANTED Launches the Analytics Connector for Recruiters

by Joseph ShaheenSeptember 11, 2014

WANTED Technologies (TSX-V: WAN), a supplier of “big data” analytics for the human capital marketplace, announced the release of its Analytics™ Connector, a simple and effective way to integrate WANTED data with applicant tracking systems (ATS). WANTED provides insight into supply and demand for talent using a data warehouse of more than one billion records describing continuous hiring activity since 2005. The Analytics™ Connector will allow Recruiters and HR professionals to access WANTED’s global hiring demand and supply information directly from their applicant tracking system via a browser plug-in.

WANTED’s clients, which include corporate HR departments, staffing agencies, and government analysts, use its Analytics™ web-based product to make more intelligent decisions in areas such as recruiting, workforce planning, economic development, and educational policy. The Analytics™ Connector allows users to access proprietary WANTED data such as The Hiring Scale™ from within their cloud-based recruiting platforms, accelerating time-to-hire and lowering cost-per-hire through more efficient business processes. The Analytics™ Connector will be available to clients that have enterprise licenses and can be customized for any ATS.

“Our clients have asked if they can access our data from within their existing human capital management systems,” said Bruce Murray, President and CEO of WANTED Technologies. “This is now possible with the launch of the Analytics™ Connector.”

WANTED’s products include both real-time measurements of hiring activity, as well as historical trends for more than 11,000 individual occupational categories. The real-time hiring activity provides global corporate HR departments and staffing firms with detailed competitive intelligence on hiring and how to overcome recruiting challenges.

“Our goal is to bring analytical insight directly into the day-to-day business process of the human capital organization,” said Murray. “Better workforce analytics leads to better decisions on how to plan workforce strategy and to recruit more efficiently.” WANTED’s global data warehouse is made up of more than one billion records, each containing 100 individual data elements, including the date of a job opening, the occupation, the employer, the location, and the industry of the hiring company. The complete job description with skills, certifications and other requirements for the position is also stored in the WANTED database. In total, the number of data elements in WANTED’s database exceeds 100 billion.

“We aggregate hiring demand and talent supply and then make the results available to our clients for analysis through our online dashboard and through the Analytics™ Connector,” said Murray.

WANTED captures information from online job sites and corporate career sites. In addition to providing its own analytic products, the Company partners with other organizations who access WANTED’s data and analytics on an automated basis through Application Programming Interfaces, or APIs.

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