About HTN

HTN-w-logo-and-slogan-and-twitter-2The Human Talent Network is a portal for talent industry news and discussions that hopes to connect the leading academic and business minds of the world.

Our mission is to deliver collaborative and engaging content that satisfies our readers’ appetite for fresh and thought-provoking news and articles.

The Human Talent Network collects news from primary and secondary sources all over the web and through our personal contacts. We aim to provide our readers with fresh daily content as it occurs. Our content includes independent investigations, community contributions, and secondary source news. Additionally, we seek to create a portal for our community members to engage in vigorous debate, and exchange ideas and solutions for their toughest challenges.

Our inspiration comes from years of reading, discussing, and creating, news and commentary all over the web. Many of which are sites that generally do not seek to actually educate the public, and enrich professionals and academics in the social sciences.

That inspiration led to the following insight:

What if there was a single portal where those who create the theories could meet those who use them? What if we could gather the leading minds of both sides of the coin to inform and update on new developments, debate the issues of our time, inspire to action, provoke thought, and help their colleagues apply knowledge to practical situation. And, what if all that was built on top of a great news gathering and editorial capability that enriched the conversation.

The Human Talent Network was then born, and with the help of a great community will thrive.

How the site works:

In addition to factual news reports from all overt the industry covering scientific development in sociology, psychology, management organizational behavior, human resources, talent acquisition, and many other disciplines, opinion, and OP-EDs are written with the aim to inspire action, provoke thought, or help other apply.

Articles are rated by the community and that determines whether an article stays on the front page, receiving even more attention or eventually archived. Doing this means that the community itself chooses the content it deems important over the content it does see as relevant at any given moment.

Members of the Human Talent Network community can contribute articles and OP-EDs, following our editorial guidelines, and process, then a decision is made by the editorial team on whether to publish.

The ratings are based on 3 categories or a combination of them:


Articles that seek to inspire should aim to do so by creating content that inspires new thought and new ideas thereby helping to improve the quality of what we’re calling the talent industries. Inspirational articles could discuss the future of an industry or professions, current trends, or can call to action, engage an issue and promote change. They don’t have to be based on fact, or data, but should still apply sound logic to arguments made. They to an inspirational article is to discuss an issue that community member take to heart.


Articles that hope to provoke though should do so through critical analysis, debate, and passionate discourse based on facts, and logical arguments. Contributors who hope to write a highly rated thinking article should focus on making good arguments that provoke debate and allow the Human Talent Network community to question existing methods, practices, theories and paradigms. A successful thought provoking article begs the community to change.


Article that aim to help peers apply theories, methods, and processes more successfully can do so through the discussion and sharing of best practices, methods, means, and processes that members may not be able to find themselves. Application articles tend to be deeper articles that list methods and make use of case examples and the contributor’s past experiences. A successful application article should showcase methods or processes that community members can find useful and immediately applicable.

If you’d like to contribute, please read our editorial guidelines and submission procedure.


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