Guide to Becoming a Contributing Author

In May of 2016, we completely changed the way we accept, review, and publish guest and member contributions on the Human Talent Network. We’ve made it faster and much much easier.
The new process is super easy and fast, and allows for much more pre-editing, and post-editing freedom for contributors. It also removes the application process which caused delays in responding to your requests on a daily and weekly basis. Therefore, we've replaced the application process with a simpler, more open, and more effective standard process, to help get you from idea to published in record time.

For detailed information regarding our editorial process and guidelines, please visit the editorial guidelines page.

The process has been simplified

1- Become a member by registering for an HTN member account (registration form below).

2- Fill out your information, including a bio, social media account urls, and a profile picture.

3- Click on the the article submission icon and upload or write your article. When you’re finished click submit.icon

4- We’ll work with you to make sure your article is of appropriate quality for the HTN community, though not all articles are accepted unfortunately.

If you’d like to ensure that your article or submission has a high chance of being accepted, please make sure to consult our editorial guidelines.


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