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Nicole Dominique Le Maire

Nicole Dominique Le Maire, CEO of Human Resources Global Limited, New To HR & The Female Leader. Nicole, is a well known International HR Consultant & Career Coach/Mentor, blogger, writer, speaker and true global work life adventurer, she has spent the last 17 years working both internationally and locally. Her business: New To HR, looks to close the gap which exists within Human Resources globally and is designed specifically to offer guidance, support and development opportunities to new entrants (young and old), encouraging talented and able individuals to develop to their full potential and become the next generation of MDs, CEOs and industry leaders.

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    Rob Zell, SPHR

    “: The Art of Zen #Hr http://t.co/rN7WiySQ7K by @newtohr CEO #HTNchat http://t.co/EjsCKGjATt” love the idea of zen hr


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