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HTN offers many ways for our corporate community members to enhance their brand and deliver value to our network of readers and contributors. All of our sponsorship opportunities are designed for partners, not advertisers. This allows us to ensure that while you enhance your brand within the HTN community we still deliver value that can’t be found anywhere else.

For Corporate Citizens

We provide several options for corporate and business enteprises to enhance their brand, contribute to community activities and provide value to our members.

HTN Corporate Underwriter (Bronze Level)

The focus of our corporate underwriter initiative is to provide viability and brand recognition in the form of promotion, advertising, and general marketing for our partners. This imitative is based solely on a fee for service model for large and medium size business who have an an advanced and independent set of engaging activities for their clients, but seek additional engagement with out community.

HTN Corporate Partner (Silver Level)

Corporate underwriters seek to deliver an enhanced value-driven experience specifically for the Human Talent Network community. We offer opportunities to share knowledge with our network members through enhanced whitepapers, reports, and content. It is a close relationship geared towards your very specific needs, and while maintaining our commitment to providing high quality in-depth content for your community.

HTN Corporate Member (Gold Level)

Corporate members receive all benefits under the partnership and underwriter initiatives with the added benefit of a longer term partnership, enhanced branding opportunities, and reduced pricing for all our sponsorship, advertising, content creation, and social media engagements.

 For Small Business & Independent Contributors (Micro Business)

Few sites offer price and time-sensitive branding activities for small business and independent business owners and consultants – but not the Human Talent Network. We align our success with the success of small business and independent business owners by offering an innovative collection of branding and value-driven sponsorship tools designed specifically for you – and at reasonable investments in resources.

HTN Network Member

Only small and micro businesses are eligible for this program. We offer unique sponsorship, content creation and dissemination opportunities through a lean submission process designed to save you time, effort, and under a small budget. If you possess human capital, and can provide value for our community then this is the perfect program for you.

For Academic & Research Institutions

Our mission is to bridge the divide between scholars of the social sciences and the professionals that practice those sciences in industry. This makes our partnerships with academic and research institutions an essential part of our planning and operations. This is why we are building and will continue to build working partnerships that provide significant value to our partners.

If you are the faculty advisori, departyment chair, school or program administrator of a social science program these partnerships will offer you value not found anywhere else.

HTN Academic Advisor

The Human Talent Network Academic Advisor partnership focuses on focusing attention on the partner’s critical branding and marketing objectives in a way that provides knowledge to our community. Advisor partners get priority status on interviews, bylines, Op-Eds, and coverage for new research and organizational developments.

HTN Academic Partner

The Human Talent Network Academic Partner program offers a close relationship with some of the leading minds of the professional world, and provides academic and research institutions and professionals the opportunity to promote educational programs and research projects to the public. We offer a myriad of tools for academic institutions to achieve greater success in their mission and to deliver high quality services to industry.

If you’re interested in any of these programs, please reach out to us and we will respond promptly. We’re looking forward to working together.

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