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Charles Newton is a Human Resources and Recruitment strategist who aims to make sure tasks are strategic and strategy can be converted to tasks. In this regard his personal mission is to motivate, innovate, and achieve in talent management. He shares this passion via the website/blog The Middle Ground and the associated social media accounts.

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    Nancy Parks

    Very nice post. I, too, believe referral programs have an important place in talent acquisition processes (for the reasons you mentioned).

    I have wondered, though, about one other potential liability with excessive reliance on referral programs that I didn’t see explicit here in this article: The temptation to hire “sameness” at the expense of diversity. The assumption is that my network of friends would likely include those who are like me (think like me, like the same things I do, etc.). Some good research points to the value of diversity (especially diverse personalities) on teams, and I wonder if excessive reliance on referrals might actually foster a culture of “sameness”.

    Thanks again for the post!

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      Charles Newton


      Your response couldn’t have been more timely or correct! I just published a post on my personal site, http://www.TheMiddleGroundHR.com, addressing this entitled Diversity and Inclusion Isn’t Just About Race. I believe this snippet from the post mirrors your sentiment: Lacking diversity and inclusion can create the same feel as automaticity driving. Employees can get used to seeing the same. Employees become disengaged, becoming inattentive to new opportunities, chances for innovation and growth, or useful disruptions to validate the norm. Avoid crashes in your organization of employees always seeing the same “person”.


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