Editorial Guidelines

Our philosophy has never been and will never be about restricting our community members in sharing their thoughts with anyone. Our philosphy, from the beginning, has always been to empower our network members to contribute when they want, how they want, for reasons that they should decide to share or not share.

If you feel that the information below does not answer your questions, you can always contact us for additional clarification.

Basic Editorial Requirements

  1. Articles should be between 800 and 4500 words and be written in English
  2. Articles should aim to inspire action, provoke thought about a subject or idea, or help our readers apply a new method or concept. It is up to the writer to decide what they want to write and how to write it however.
  3. Deadline default is 1-3 week(s) from agreement to submission. In some cases we will relax the deadline as needed and requested.
  4. Our community are more knowledgeable and experienced than the average online reader, therefore articles should avoid over-simplifying and blatant self promotion. Some self promotion is welcome and expected as some authors may choose to write about their personal experience, but they should make a good judgment call on how much they’d like to sacrifice informative content for personal gratification or business development.
  5. You should decide on a general topic that your article would fall into. The choices we offer are: Market News, Business, Politics, Science, Technology, and Community. Remember your article may fall under any of these topics, but all articles should contain information about a human-related issue.

I’m ready to share my knowledge, ideas, thoughts, and opinions – what do I do?

We’d love for you to become a contributor and a Human Talent Network community member by submitting an article, and would love to hear from you. Simply visit the contributor guide page for details on how to share your ideas with the HTN community.

I’m a PR or Publicity Professional Seeking Visibility for my Client

We welcome great information wherever it comes from, and we’re happy to honor and respect the traditional media/pr relationship. The process for contributions assisted by third party pr professionals is essentially the same. Please visit the contributor guide page for details.

Things you should know

Above is a semi-formal system to allow us to put as much relevant, user-generated content in front of our readers than anyone else, but we still have some guidelines which have to be followed to ensure consistency with our vision and mission, and to ensure high quality learning for HTN community members.

All of our guidelines are designed to create a higher quality reading, learning, and sharing experience for you. HTN members share their ideas, products and services, and whatever it is that they want to share as long as the sharing process itself includes learning and enjoyment.

Our contribution process and editorial guidelines are fairly simply, but if you’re serious about contributing you should read through the contributor guidelines and the new contributor faq and familiarize yourself with the site itself.

Being a member of the Human Talent Network is an investment in time and effort, but it does have great potential for rewards – in order to reap those rewards you have to be willing to do your homework.

Contributors who send us article ideas without following our process or making sure that the HTN community is the right choice for them risk their content not being published, and in severe cases blacklisted from future contributions. We don’t want to do that, so please work with us to ensure a smooth editorial process and article submission experience.

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