FAQ for Potential HTN Contributors

Do you accept old blogs, articles that I wrote for other outlets?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept content that has been or will ever be published anywhere else. We have made exceptions in the past, but those are extremely rare.

We accept and in fact encourage you to submit old articles, if you must, that have never been published online, but ultimately, we want you to share your best and newest ideas and knowledge, not something outdated. You’ll find that your ideas get more attention if they’re current with industry and research changes.

Do you offer any benefits to contributors?

Yes! Many! and many more in the works.

There a lot of reasons why someone may choose to share their ideas with the world. Perhaps you have an itch to share, a need to publicize a new technology or process, or you are seeking to enhance your personal brand. As long as it benefits the Human Talent Network community your reasons are good enough for us and we won’t question them. To help, what we can offer you are some benefits for sharing your ideas and knowledge to go along with your personal reasons for contributing:

Enhanced Personal Brand:

Getting that new research position, or that brand new corporate position can only be helped by getting the exposure you deserve.

Special offers from our partners:

From time to time, we will be asked to showcase products and services, and part of what we ask for in our partnerships are demos, special discounts, early releases, and free products and services for our membership, and especially our contributors.

Special opportunities to speak at HTN and partner events:

From time to time we will partner with local organizations for events and conferences, and we’ll ask them to showcase your work, or present you with an opportunity to share your ideas online or face to face.

Gaining Knowledge & Feedback:

Debate and feedback about your ideas, and information can do nothing but enhance them. HTN presents you with a low risk opportunity to gain a litmus test for that new framework, or new service before deployment, saving you precious time, effort, and in some cases, hard-earned cash.

Networking Opportunities:

So much of today’s networking happens right here, through your browser, and if your ideas are good, you’ll see the community reach out to you to learn more, and offer their ideas. In the process you’ll develop a strong network which will yield enormous benefits.

Public Service:

Part of the responsibility of the academics and practitioners of the social disciplines is to educate the public. There is no better way to doing that than the HTN.

I’m ready to become a member of the HTN by contributing an article. What do I do?

Please visit our guide on becoming an HTN Contributor.

What kind of contributions will you accept?

We accept opinion articles, news tips, OP-EDs from anywhere in the world as long as the articles are written in English.

What type of content can I hope to submit?

Every opinion article, news article, and OP-ED should aim to inspire, provoke thought, and help others apply knowledge. You should write your piece with that in mind. There’s a lot of room for stylistic differences, but when we evaluate submissions, we will evaluate them on that basis. And, as long as it deals with any human issue you care about whether its professional, academic, industrial, financial, or any other type, we will seriously consider it.

Is there anything that I should avoid when submitting contributions?

Yes. Here is a list of the top things to avoid:

  1. Light articles: List/Light articles that have no depth or meaning are strictly prohibited. eg. “The Seven Ways of Recruiting”, or “10 Things you can do to blablabla”. Please, send those to a community of hapless wanderers. Our community needs some meat in its reading.
  2. Over simplifying: This is not a general community website. It is dedicated to educated academic and professionals many of whom are experts in their field. Complex, or in-depth ideas are welcomed, encouraged, and in some instances demanded.
  3. Worrying about length: We are not here to SEO our articles, or to create light consumables in the form of flaky publications for our members. Articles will go on as long as they have to in order to achieve delivery of their major point. Though, 9 out of 10 times brevity wins.
  4. Blatant self promotion: if you were the person who was single-handedly responsible for creating a technology that cures the social equivalent of the Flu, you can say so, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but there is a difference between self promotion that clarifies a point and self promotion that is just tasteless. Judge wisely!
  5. Plagiarism (and legal/copyright infringement) will not be tolerated and will be faced with stiff consequences: Self explanatory!

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