Features Overview: How to Use the Site

We’ve created a site that helps our HTN community members give us feedback on the type of content they would like to see, and we’ve made quite an effort leave it up to you to promote the content that you feel is beneficial to the community. This is why we’ve added extra functionality to ensure that you see only the content that you feel is relevant to you.

As you know Human Talent Network aims to provide content that fits into any or some combination of the following, and we ask our members to focus on these three themes whenever they submit new content to be :

Site Motifs

Articles that Inspire:

Human-Talent-Network---InspireWe believe that in order for content to be affect true change and help our audience with their challenges, the content we help provide must provide an element of inspiration and positivity for the future. Inspiration is the core of action taking and without it sustainable change can never take place. But it also makes for great writing and that’s also part of the reason we ask our members to create inspiring content –  no one, not even us wants to spend their time learning in an un-inspired environment, especially when that environment comes in the form of an article.

Articles that help you think:

Human-Talent-Network---ThinkProvoking thought and helping our members think about current applications and methods, or perhaps future trends or current ones is a cornerstone of what the HTN community is all about. Have you ever read an article that was so life changing it provoked you to immediate action, or clarified something that has been on the back of your mind for quite some time without resolution? Well, what if every article you read contained an element of that bliss? Do you think the world of the social science and their applications would be better place? We do.. We’re even willing to go one step beyond that and say that our individual lives could be just a little bit better.

Articles that help you apply:

Human-Talent-Network---ApplyThese articles are for the more practical among us, which is by no means a minority. Sometimes you just need the answer to your question, right now! Especially in circumstances where deadlines are approaching, or exacting decisions must be made and we want to be your first stop when you look for that information that will help you accomplish your objective

Some Combination:

We try to provide a combination of those themes in every article, and ask our contributors to do the same. Though it is hard to judge how much of each theme goes into each article, we use these words as the guiding principles behind the contributions you will find on the HTN. We even took those words on as our trademark!


Topic Categories


Market News – In this category you will find a number of articles and posts by HTN staff and editing contributors helping you to be in the know about the latest market news and trends. Typical articles will be related to new announcements, press releases, product add-ons, layoffs and mass hiring, new companies, innovative services, and anything that requires up-to-the-minute attention of our audience.


HTN_Business_Icon_150x132Business – In this category we list the newest concerns of the business community which is tasked with the application of social sciences-based disciplines such as recruiting, human resources, PR, communications, marketing, government policy. The category includes contributions made by HTN staff, editing contributors, and community members



Politics – we believe that covering politics related to the applications and research of the social sciences is very important. We cannot present a full picture of what’s happening in the world as it related to human talent without covering some politics. You will find editorials, new government policies, affects of work on political life, and new actions taken by the political community that affects work, and the worker.



Science – Advances in social science research are taking place at an exponential rate and sometimes it feels like we cant keep up. We felt a duty to create this section and invite academics to contribute the latest and greatest in the research of social sciences. The list of what we can and do cover is extensive, including social psychology, industrial psychology, organizational development, human resource management, sociology, anthropology, communications, behavioral finance, so much more.



Technology – With so many advances being made in the application of technology to the workplace and to business, this topic always gets so much attention from our community. With a mixture of editorial and community contributions, we’ll make sure you know about the most up to date advances and additions in technology. To add, we’ve made connection with some of the World’s leading authorities on new tech development in the social sciences, and we reach out to them on a regular basis to find out about the things that are coming not just in the short, but in the long term

HTN_Community_Icon_150x148Community – Sometimes our members may want to contribute an article which may be tailored to the community as a whole, and not necessarily falling into any of the last categories. Our Network members have the choice to contribute whatever they feel brings value to the community as a whole. Whether its personal experience, debate on a controversial subject, or a story, the community contributions are a central part of what we offer our members, and we consider it to be the most important part.


HTN_From_Our_Editor_Icon_150x155From out Editor’sWe do our best to scan the internet and stay in touch with our community so that we can identify trends, know the most up to date news, and keep an eye out on what’s important to you. This also means conducting interviews with some of the leading voices of the social science research and social science applications in industry.

Community Filters

We’ve created interactive filters throughout the site, that allows our members to navigate the site easier and to find the content they want and like quickly. You’ll see the filter toolbar all over the site, and at every opportunity we focus on giving you more options on how to organize content displayed on any of our pages. We’re planning to add even more filtering tools so that you can make the site what you want it to be for you and your personal needs.


We advise our members to use the filters but to contribute to their usage too. if you see an article that you like, please “like” it by pressing the like button in the top left hand corner. That tells fellow community members that that article is useful to the community. And, you can always comment on any article, when you have questions, or something to say – and that tells fellow community members that this topic is active and hot, and should be paid attention to. The more you use these filters, and input your personal preferences, the more the site becomes valuable to you.

Currently, you can filter any article list/group in 8 standard ways:

  • Chronological (Latest Articles)
  • Number of Views
  • Most Liked
  • Highest Reviews Rating (Editor Review)
  • Highest Rated (Community Review)
  • Most Commented
  • Recently Awarded
  • Alphabetical

Social Media Integration

You will find social media sharing capabilities on almost every article and page on the site, in order to make it easier to share the content you like with your friends and colleagues. At the moment you can share on almost every network imaginable, by going to the top right control bar in any given article or page, and clicking the icon for the social network you’d like to share the content on.


If you do not see the network you have in mind, simply click the plus sign for a list of additional sites.

Community & Editor Ratings

HTN_Community_Editor_RatingsOn the majority of contributed content we provide the opportunity for our community members and readers to rate, and communicate how they felt about the content. This way, attention is placed through The Network on content that members of the network community choose. The rating is combined with an editor rating and review based on our knowledge of the best content currently on the site and to serve as a starting point for our audience.

Additionally, we’ve provided some emoticon ratings which simply provide a way for you to communicate how you feel about the content overall.

Articles that receive higher rating will automatically be suggested and shared more with the rest of our community members and on social media as well.

Please see our awards page for more information on the community awards that are earned by our contributors.



If there is a feature you’d like us to develop for the community, please feel free to contact us and let us know about it. We’re always open to suggestions from our network members.



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