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Scott Engler specializes in helping LinkedIn users learn how to optimize their professional profile for Career Transition and Personal Branding. In 2013, he published his first book "The Job Inner-View," where he utilized his diverse expertise, training in Behavioral Intervention , and Masters degree in Counseling. The book integrates individual case studies, interviews with hiring managers, modern day job search strategies , and combines qualitative and quantitative research to provide readers with a contemporary approach to find work that aligns with their individual passion.

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    Charles Knell

    I have letters of recommendation from my two most recent employers. These would make excellent recommendations, but I don’t see any way “to copy/paste recommendations I had saved from previous employers/professors” as described in point 6 above. How is it done?

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      Scott Engler

      Hey Charles, thank you so much for bringing that question up for others as well who may be wondering the same thing. It would help me to know a bit more about the format of these recommendations you received from employers. Personally, most of my recommendations were sent by previous employers to me in Word document format attached in an email. It doesn’t really matter as much the format, more if you have ability to copy/paste the content of your recommendation

      All I did was this: Under the work experience section of my profile, after bullet pointing my job duties, I “copied” the recommendation content from the word document I had on file, and simply “pasted” it into the LinkedIn Work experience section on that particular job. Feel free to go on LinkedIn and check out my profile if that would help you get a more visual understanding.

      Hope that helps Charles.

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    Great Advice!!

  3. 3


    Some great advice on how to utilize @LinkedIn to its fullest potential–thanks for sharing!

    1. 3.1

      Scott Engler

      Thank you NextHire, appreciate the support and glad you enjoyed the article!

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    Chris Sakyi

    Love it. I think I will try some of those tips that I was not doing. Thanks

  5. 5

    Debbie Lancaster

    Thank you for the great advice and tips. I’m new not to LinkedIn, but to the Job Seeker component. I’m finding there are many, many scammers clogging the usual job boards these days and decided to revive my LinkedIn profile and upgrade so I could be a part of Job Seekers.

    I especially appreciate the information about copying and pasting a recommendation from a previous employer. That will be one of my next steps. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge and experience. The more I can increase my knowledge, the more value I can bring to my life and hopefully to my next employer.

    Thanks again.


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