For Publicists and Marketers

We enjoy our collaborative relationships with publicists and marketing professionals, and value the process of finding best-fit content that serves the brands of our contributors as well as delivers high quality content to our community.

We’ve transformed our submission process to align well with the publicity profession’s goals while maximizing value for our community, and this is why it’s imperative that all of our publicity partners do their best to work within the guidelines and processes that we’ve put in place. These processes are designed to help get the word out on some of the most important social topics today while ensuring that our community is not bombarded by devalued news and articles.

Process For Submitting Your Client

All contributors must create an account on HTN. This includes your client.

However, we do allow, if you have their power of attorney, for publicists to create and manage accounts on their clients’ behalf. However, the contact information used to create that account must be that of the original contributor, not the publicist. Accounts created for authors and contributors with PR representative’s contact information, will be deactivated and subsequently deleted after a process of notification with the publicist.

When you create an account for your client, please ensure you read the contributor agreement. HTN owns all content published on the site with absolute exclusivity. We enforce, legally and through other means every aspect of our agreements.

Once an account has been created, you will be able to submit articles through that account for review. Submission does not guarantee acceptance or that your article will be published, but we will work with you to improve the quality of the article until it is of high enough quality for the HTN community.

Once the submitted article is of high enough quality we will publish the article. It’s important that you ensure that your client’s profile contains their social media accounts as we try to drive traffic to your client’s account.

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