Article Submission Guide

In May of 2016, we completely changed the way we accept, review, and publish guest and member contributions on the Human Talent Network.

The new process is super easy and fast, and allows for much more pre-editing, and post-editing freedom for contributors.

If you wish to submit an article, you must first become a member of the Human Talent Network. Membership is free and takes less than 60 seconds to complete. To become a member, simply create an account (below). Once you have created an account, and agreed to our author agreement (checkbox), click the post/text icon on your profile and submit an article for review. Please make sure your contact information is accurate, because if we have any questions or need to make any edits we will need to be able to contact you.

For information regarding our editorial process and guidelines, please visit the editorial guidelines page to make sure that your article submissions complies with our rules before submission.

If you are a publicity professional  please consult our Publicity Professional Guidelines Page. If you need more information please consult our contributor guide page.


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