Awards & Badges

For clearly effective article submissions from our contributor and member community we do our best to promote the best content within the community. One way we’ve done this is to create a standard base for awards for contributed articles, Op-Eds, and blogs that have gone above and beyond the call of duty in inspiring, provoking thought, or helping our community members apply a new method or concept.

The best thing is, our awards are based on what HTN community members think.

We give those awards in the form of a recognition motif in the top bar of contributed articles and on any of the main pages of the site as well.

The motifs are designed to communicate that the article is of exceptional quality.

Our goal is to help our community members quickly find the articles which have been written well and are of the highest quality. Of course, everyone has a different taste, and so these awards and badges are only designed as a gentle guide to help you navigate the site. They are in no shape or form the end all judgement on any submitted content.


Human Talent Network Inspiration Award: This award is earned by by contributing content that aims and succeeds in inspiring our fellow community members, and helping  them change their perspective or take action on a specific issue. The award is earned when clear evidence is apparent that your article empowers  professionals, and/or researchers, and/or people from all walks of life and backgrounds.


Human Talent Network Thinking Award: The thinking award is earned by contributors who have shown an outstanding ability to provoke thought in the community. This contributor segments offer, in their article, a new way of thinking, they ask the tough questions, and solicit responses from our community members in hopes of engaging in positive debate.


Human Talent Network Applying Award: The applying award is earned by authors who make a great contribution in helping others learn and apply a practical method, process, software, or knowledge in general. Articles that receive this award communicate more specific “how to” advice for something specific. They are written well and focus on delivering the necessary knowledge as succinctly as possible.


Human Talent Network Community Standard: The community award is earned for content that engages the community beyond the norm. Engagement is measured in a number of ways, with a focus on online engagement. if your submission receives great reviews, is viewed by much more than the average audience, receives significant attention on social media, and engages debate, we will award it the Community award.


Human Talent Network Editor’s Pick: Articles that get tacked as Editor’s pick are simply our favorite articles. As we spend countless hours reading our contributor’s articles we get a sense of which article will serve our audience best. We want our community to decide through ratings and reviews what it is that they want to see on the HTN – this is our way of highlighting the content that our community might want to see.

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