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New Contributor FAQ:


How do I submit a new article?

Articles can be submitted using our online form here, or by simply e-mailing our editor at [email protected]. Regular contributors receive special CMS access which allows them to manage their articles much more closely, and take a much more active role in the editorial process.

How soon can I expect my article to be published?

Articles are published on a FIFO schedule, and most articles are published within 1 week of submission.

How can I spread the word about my article?

We promise a strong partnership with all our contributors. This means we spend considerable resources promoting you, and your content. Currently, we promote all our contributor’s content on a number of social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Digg, Pinterest, and many others. This helps us maximize visibility for your content. However, there are a number of things you can do as well:

  1. Ensure your article is of the highest quality, and that it inspires, and/or provokes thought, and/or, helps someone apply a new concept or method.
  2. Follow our social media accounts and re-share, re-post, retweet your content when we post it.
    1. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin Group, Linkedin Page, Pinterest

  3. Be an active commenter on your posts by answering questions, soliciting opinions, and encouraging lively debate.
  4. Help us build a more dedicated community be referring other contributing leaders like yourself to us.
  5. Immediately like and share your article on the main site as well. Our site automatically promotes content which others have already recommended through the myriad of ways that are available on our site (liking, rating, reacting etc.)
  6. Keep contributing, because our community wont get to really know you until they’ve seen your thoughts on a number of topics and events.
  7. Follow the rules: Do not repost your article elsewhere (pursuant to the author agreement you signed). Search engines punish duplicated content, which means your article will not get the organic visibility it deserves.

Once again, I’d like to welcome you to the HTN community, and I hope that we can transform people’s lives through great advice, discussions, commentary, and information about the social subjects, and their applications in industry.

Joe Shaheen

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