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Nancy L. Parks, Ph.D. founded HRPartnersplus, specializing in customized recruiter sales skill training. She has over 40 years of experience in business and education -- including 10 years in sales and sales training at a Fortune 500 company. She believes in learning -- not education, and that learning agility is a key, competitive advantage. She also believes in "pull" instead of "push" with regard to learning content, and in giving learners a "compass" instead of a "map". HRPartnersplus customized training has resulted in an average of 91% increase in selling skills as well as solid productivity gains (getting better information in less time).

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    Nice! We’ve revealed why everyone should get a job in sales! What do you think?

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      Nancy Parks

      Thanks for the message. Read your link. Some good points about the benefits of being in sales.

      As I read your article, I was reminded of the fine book by Daniel Pink “To Sell is Human”. (http://www.amazon.com/To-Sell-Is-Human-Surprising/dp/1594631905)

      He makes the point that we are ALL in sales, although only about 1 in 9 people carry the title of “sales”.

      Thanks again for your comment.


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